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18th-Oct-2013 03:17 am - 1st post ever how does this work
Okay, so I finally actually did something to my LJ!

Ah it was so hard and my hatred for html rose in heaps but it's alright because I got everything to work. I need to find a new bg pic tho.

So, the main idea of my Lj is to create a fic rec lists because I'm a nolife and all I ever do is read fics... I regret nothing.
I read all kind of fics from different bands  My favorites are anything that has Tao in it and jongkey. And maybe I'll do each pairing its own rec list... If I have enough fics for a pairing because it would be stupid to do a whole fic rec for like two fics. Maybe I'll do a band fic rec or pairing fic rec I don't know yet. Which would be easier?

I have a lot of really good fics on my bookmarks so wish me luck!

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